The Bourne Imperative is Eric Van Lustbader's latest installment in the Bourne series. The man Jason Bourne pulls out of the frozen sea is half dead, bleeding from a gunshot wound and drowning. The man awakens as an amnesiac, with no memory of who he is or why he was shot - Jason Bourne is eerily reminded of his own past.

Here is everything you wanted to know about the Bourne Imperative.

The Bourne Imperative is the 10th book in Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series, and is the sequel to the Bourne Dominion. It is also the 7th Jason Bourne novel written by Eric Van Lustbader

About the Bourne Imperative
The Bourne Imperative was released on June 5, 2012. 

Eric Van Lustbader's plan was to make the Bourne Imperative as realistic as possible, aligning it with current world affairs.

I don’t create fake countries like they did on The West Wing,” says Lustbader. “You can get away with things like that [the fictional, oil-rich Middle Eastern nation of 'Qumar'] with TV and films... You have to be much realer [as a novelist]."

More from Eric Van Lustbader about the Bourne Imperative:

Events are happening so fast, everyone is being overrun by it,” says Lustbader, “I have to think: ‘How are things going to be a year from July?’ If I go by what’s happening now, it’ll seem dated. If I took the exact things that happened now, they’ll have already become stale.” 

No one could have predicted this, but I read this one analyst back in January 2011 — back when everyone was giving their predictions for the new year — and he felt strongly about regime change in Iran,” says Lustbader, “And I thought, ‘He’s nuts.’ But it now it seems likely, or at least more likely than any time last year. So instead of talking about Egypt or Libya, I probably would focus on Iran. That’s going to be the last domino to fall, if it does.

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After saving the mysterious man, Bourne discovers that a Mossad agent named Rebeka is hellbent on finding this injured man - so obsessed that she has gone off the grid, cutting her ties to her agency, and is now being stalked by Mossad's most feared killer. 

Bourne wonders if the answers to these mysteries lie back in southeast Lebanon, in a secret encampment to which Bourne and Rebeka escaped following a firefight weeks ago. The complex trail links to the mission given to Treadstone directors Peter Marks and Soraya Moore: find the semi-mythic terrorist assassin known as Nicodemo. 

During Bourne's desperate and deadly search for a secret that will alter the future of the entire world, he experiences triumph and loss, and his life is changed forever.

Now everything turns on the new amnesiac. Bourne must learn his identity and purpose before he and Rebeka are killed. From Stockholm to Washington, D.C., Mexico City to Beijing, the web of lies and betrayals extends into a worldwide conspiracy of monumental proportions.

The Bourne Imperative Audiobook

If you are busy, have a long commute (or travel a lot), are a slow reader (like me), or like to read with your eyes closed, audiobooks are the way to go. Here is a link to the Bourne Imperative audiobook version.

 Reviews of the Bourne Imperative

Barnes & Noble: The comatose, downing man Jason Bourne drags out of the lake in Sweden has a bullet in his head. When he awakens, he has no memory of either the recent or the distant past; in fact, he does not even know his own name. For Jason Bourne, that new brings an eerie reminder of his own erased past. The fast-breaking action of this tenth series novel leaves its hero with little time to muse about personal losses. Suspense, betrayals, and surprises.

Library JournalLustbader's seventh foray (after Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Dominion) into the world of rogue agent Jason Bourne is another terrific thriller. Out on an ice-fishing excursion, Bourne catches a human body on his line. The man is still alive but suffers from amnesia. As Bourne helps the man uncover his past, his own life is thrown into jeopardy and his past called up for review. VERDICT: The questionable beginning that echoes Bourne's personal history is a bit hard to swallow. Once readers get past that, the novel turns into an action fest. There is a huge cast of other characters with their own storylines, so series newcomers should start with an earlier book. Fans will discover this to be the best Lustbader Bourne novel yet, even with the hokey start. The August release of Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner, the fourth entry in the film franchise, should only spark more interest.

"...Van Lustbader pulls readers through the story with gusto, as Bourne confronts a man in a situation very much like his own, and Treadstone agents Marks and Moore try to determine whether they can trust a new man on the team. For series fans, a solid continuation of Bourne's story." (David Pitt, Booklist)

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BookReporter.comThe novel opens with [Jason Bourne] and his colleague, Christien, fishing a body out of the freezing water off the coast of Sweden. It turns out the nameless man they rescued has a background quite similar to Bourne. He had been shot by a Mossad agent named Rebeka, who Bourne has previously worked alongside of. As the man begins to regain his memory --- much quicker than Bourne himself had during his own bout of amnesia --- he quickly realizes who Bourne is and the fact that they are players on opposing sides of a global drama that is quickly unfolding.

Bourne’s former agency, Treadstone, has been quite busy in tracking the situation that seems to have originated in a secret encampment in southeast Lebanon. Ironically, this is the same encampment that Bourne and Rebeka escaped from in the previous Bourne novel. The heads of Treadstone, Soraya Moore and Peter Marks, both are on the trail of a mythic terrorist known only as Nicodemo, who appears to be the key to a global terrorist plot.

Once Rebeka reunites with Bourne, the nameless man in his care quickly recognizes her and the games begin. Could this nameless man be the infamous assassin / terrorist Nicodemo? His skills easily match those of Bourne, and he proves himself to be a worthy adversary. As with all Jason Bourne adventures, once Nicodemo escapes, the chase is on and will encompass several international settings and plenty of intrigue and excitement.

Nicodemo seems to be working for a deadly triad of Middle Eastern terrorists, British industrialists and the Mexican drug cartel. This confusing mix makes things extremely difficult for Treadstone and Bourne to follow, and the enemy always seems to be one step ahead and consistently knowing their every move.

Treadstone is having additional challenges as Soraya is hospitalized with a life-threatening illness. At the same time, Peter is trying to sniff out a potential mole within the ranks while himself going undercover with the dangerous British industrialist, Tom Brick of Core Energy. The web of deceit runs deep, and the terrorist plot that is being driven by all of these nefarious entities is more than Treadstone or Bourne and Co. could ever imagine.

THE BOURNE IMPERATIVE runs at a breakneck pace with a lengthy list of characters, definitely meriting a scorecard to keep track of. Eric Van Lustbader keeps the action and plot moving forward, and the tension never lets up. Some of his prior efforts in the series seemed to focus more on the relationships and espionage with less of the action fans have come to expect. That’s not the case with this novel, as readers most assuredly will be gasping for breath as each eye-opening chapter unfolds.

The great Robert Ludlum has been gone for over a decade, but left the world the indelible character of Jason Bourne. Lustbader has more than done his part in paying it forward to fans of the series, and we surely have not heard the last of Jason Bourne. Reviewed by Ray Palen (June 8, 2012)

Ethan Jones book reviewsThe Bourne Imperative starts right, as any spy thriller should, with a lot of action and suspense. A man is being chased by a woman in the snowy forests of Sadelöga, Sweden. At one point, she shoots him and he falls in the freezing waters of the Baltic Sea. Soon thereafter, Jason Bourne fishes out the wounded man, but he’s lost all his memory. Who is this man? Who is after him? Why? Then Bourne learns that a Mossad agent, Rebeka—whose life he saved—is now being hunted by her former colleagues. Why is she on the run?

Mr. Lustbader’s writing is fast-paced, intriguing and enjoyable. The first few chapters introduce a lot of characters and many storyline threads. It is easier to connect the dots and understand everything the first time if the reader is familiar with the previous novels in the Bourne series. Still, the plot unfolds well, and the characters have depth and great personalities.

The story moves to the Treadstone directors Peter Marks and Soraya Moore. They are searching for Nicodemo, a notorious assassin. The President of the US, however, has planted his own man within the Treadstone, and his mission is to find Jason Bourne.

Who is the mystical man they call Nicodemo? Will Rebeka be able to evade the Mossad’s foremost assassin, known as the Babylonian? How does it all link back to the Treadstone and to Jason Bourne? Blog link.